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Little Tamerisk overlooking the beach
Seasonal Photo's - updated 9th January 2019
Good weather with the winter high pressure and a short walk along the beach at about low tide. The late winters seas have brought back a bit of sand and filled up the beach.
Above left and circular walk west of us andup the Rinsey road and back along the coast path.
Above right and just inland where the mild winter brought on the early daffodils.
late dec18-earlyjan19
The 2018 Porthleven Christmas lights
October 13th - day two and the morning high tide. Not much rain today just a very heavy salt spray covering everything.
October 12th and overnight an autumn gale courtesy of Storm Callum has landed. A morning of very heavy rain and winds gusting up to 60mph. Looking to last into tomorrow now. The beach taken from Little Tamerisk about an hour after low tide.
porthleven beach, w oliver allen, seine House porthleven beach, w oliver allen, seine House porthleven beach, w oliver allen, seine House porthleven beach, w oliver allen, seine House
The hot summer weather continues and the best place to be, at the beach. Very clear waters and a gentle refreshing breeze.
porthleven beach, w oliver allen, seine House, penrose porthleven beach, w oliver allen, seine House, penrose porthleven beach, w oliver allen, seine House, penrose porthleven beach, w oliver allen, seine House, penrose
A Sunday morning walk around the nearby NT Penrose estate. From left the House, a glimpse of the Loe, later on this year if you are eating a packet of crisps - they could have come from here. Finally the coast again and a great view west over Porthleven.
If you can only make one inland walk here. It has to be to the top of Tregonning and Godolphin Hills. On a clear day the panoramic views are magnificent. We set off from the NT car park at Godolphin and it was about a 6 mile walk. There are though much shorter routes parking a bit closer.
July and after a cooler start the last few days have been very pleasant and warm even with the passing clouds

We have been a bit slack of late updating the season photo's. So thank you to Dr Emily Hobson who has allowed us to use eight of hers. Taken last week whilst on holiday here. A professional quality to our usual.
Coming up to the equinox and a days are definitely lighter. After a mixed weather week with strong winds and rain the night before. This morning is very pleasant and no waterproofs needed today.
We just happening to catch a great sunset last week on a walk down to the harbour and around the town clock and home.
porthleven beach, w oliver allen porthleven beach, w oliver allen porthleven beach, w oliver allen porthleven beach, w oliver allen
A nice weekend starting off the half term. The sun still on the rise and hitting the distant Newlyn and Mousehole before us. A few early surfers in catching some clean waves before the tide ebbs to far on the reef.
porthleven storm seas porthleven storm seas porthleven storm seas porthleven storm seas
We still have a run of strong ground seas here and a bit of offshore wind this afternoon makes them more impressive. It is hard to capture in a photo the size of the face which is 8'-10' high and if wish we could send the noise as they literally boom coming in. Then followed by the drawing of the shingle as it moves it around the beach.
porthleven storm seas porthleven storm seas porthleven storm seas porthleven storm seas
porthleven storm seas porthleven storm seas porthleven storm seas porthleven storm seas
Storms day two and the wind has dropped a bit overnight and due to ease down over the day. Still gusting at +40mph and this morning rain is almost horizontal and stinging.
porthleven storm seas porthleven storm seas porthleven storm seas porthleven storm seas
porthleven storm seas porthleven storm seas porthleven storm seas porthleven storm seas
Morning. A few storm photos from our first real gale of the winter. High tide was about 8am and taken here around 8.30 and the sun still rising. A lot of spray and gusting around 50mph southerly winds.
Afternoon. Low tide and a lot of white water. No drop in the wind yet. Two dog walkers venture along the beach. There is a lot of run in the sea and a bit risky as seen in the photos.
porthleven beach porthleven beach, beacon crag porthleven beach porthleven beach, rinsey
porthleven beach, porthleven sunset porthleven beach porthleven beach porthleven beach
A mixture of photos to start the New Year.
The top three are from the 2nd Jan and a glorious day with clear blue skies. Down the beach below us and west just along the coast.
The rainbow is west of us on what we call the Rinsey Road. This route make a nice circular walk by walking up this fairly quiet road and then taking a footpath left onto the coast path and back to Porthleven. Under the polythene are early potatoes.
The bottom row and two from some great sunsets we have had lately. The final two and a strong north west wind blows offshore and whipping up some white horses.
With the long winter nights. We have been looking through a few old postcards. And in the above part merged four with the same view today.
The last week in photo's. We have had a nice dry spell with flat seas and good sunsets. Broken today by heavy rain and this afternoon a fresh wind with the sun returning.
porthleven coast path penrose walks national trust porthleven coast path penrose walks national trust porthleven coast path penrose walks national trust porthleven coast path penrose walks national trust
A circular walk around the nearby NT Penrose Estate. Following the coast path and looking back along what we call the 2nd Downs. Under threat from coastal erosion. Onward and a great view of the Loe Bar and beach towards #Gunwalloe Fishing Cove. In the walks and an elevated view of part of the Loe Pool. Once navigable into Helston. Finally back and the sun starting its drop to the horizon.
#The keen eyed will have spotted this area cropping up in the last few episodes of Poldark
porthleven harbour porthleven harbour porthleven harbour porthleven harbour
porthleven raised beach and geology of porthlevenSeptember and the proper start of autumn. So what better than a nice warm sunny day. A little circular walk up to Peverell Terrace and down to the harbour side, around the Institute and back up Cliff Road.
If you are wondering why we have circled two small boulders on the left? We have just recently read that when the harbour was being constructed at about 10' under the sand there was evidence of oak and willow growing. In a now  submerged forest when the sea levels were lower. Approx 5 thousand years ago. Just along the coast from here, the circled boulders indicate a raised beach. When the sea levels were much higher. Book now for your geology tours of Porthleven and we will include a few ghost stories!
Thanks for the feedback on the above and below a few more local geological marvels from left to right: across the harbour at Breagside and a wave cut platform. Also over there the "Moonstone" or "Giants Quoit" an erratic. On further and the "Megilligar Rocks" pegmatite veins. Finally back west past Halzephron Cove and the Green Rock. Geologically no idea how to describe. Just amazing.
Porthleven RNLI Lifeboat Day 2016. Full sunshine and flat calm seas = perfect weather for this years event. Large crowds gather around the harbour and Cliff Road to watch the combined Penlee lifeboat Ivan Ellen and helicopter display. Its also our first chance to get a close look at the new HM coastguard rescue helicopter. (Thanks to Joanne Moorey for the great photo's)
Diary Date: Lifeboat Day 2017 - 20th August
Mid July and a better week than forecast. Today some heat to go with the sunshine. The lifeguards are back for the summer but not very busy today.
Friday and coming to the end of an outstanding weeks hot and sunny weather. Just right for beaching and it could be mid-summer. We have also just replaced the outside seating here on the front balconies.
A very rough night of westerly gales although it has been quite a dry morning so far. The winds though have only eased slightly and are still gusting around 65+mph. High tide is 5.40pm and we will be glad if it eases off by then.
Next day and low tides now and down on the harbour side again. In the sunny weather the boats all looking very jolly orderly. The rock that the pier has been built on now a bit more exposed juts out into the entrance more that you think.
Early Evening high tides. The highest and lowest for 19 years. Fortunately no storm seas and apart from a bit of wind, quite peaceful. 2nd in left, look at the far quay and the slope of it. Something you never notice walking along it.
East along the coast from us and an evening 2 mile leisurely stroll at Gunwalloe. We parked at Church Cove and walked back up the road to Halzephron and then onto the coast path to return.
A little hazy in the distance but a fantastic view of the coastline. First looking back along to Porthleven. Then two of Pedngwinain. Previously Kayaking off there, we lucky get close to a seal basking on the rocks. Then around the point to Jangye-Ryn (Jan-gee-rin (aka Dollar cove)). The inlets of Church Cove, Poldhu Cove, Polurrian Cove, Mullion Cove visible and out of shot Mullion Island and Cliffs.
August and despite not the best forecast for the week it has actually been very pleasant. sunny and warm every day. Down in the harbour all the boats are looking bright and cheerful in the sun and the flat calm is ideal to practice paddleboarding or kayaking. A bit more ripple as we head toward the pier and town clock.
Just up the road at nearby Rinsey and a short walk from one of our favourite spots. Firstly the beach at low tide. Next a closer view of the old engine houses we can see from Porthleven. Finally "The Bishop" rock and Porthleven and Loe Bar in the distance. The wind turbines at Bonython on the Lizard also clearly visible.
Close to us we have the NT estate of Penrose. Open and free for there has been a good walk/cycle through the estate, but longish. Latterly a few more paths have been opened up. The most recent this month a bridleway. Making a nice short or longer walk or bike ride with lovely views.
We may (or not) have seen the last of the real bad weather. but the after effects are longer lasting. Joanne here has taken this panorama from Peverell Terrace. The camera has exaggerated the curve of the harbour a bit. But a nice shot. The harbour balks have yet to be replaced and has it ever been empty since construction?
The night of the 4th February and Porthleven and the south coast under attack from another storm. Down in the harbour the balks protecting the inner harbour have broken free and the boats have broken their moorings with eventually 10 reported sunk. The rest now have been lifted out and place around the harbour for safety.
Youtube video of sea storms
Below: Photo's from previous years
A summer evening down on the Porthleven quay side.
Summer again and looking across from the other side of the village back to us.

Welcome to Porthleven
We are a local business offering a selection of eight of our own individual self-catering accommodation sleeping up to 7 persons in the beautiful harbour village with 2 miles of beach of Porthleven.

We are ideally positioned along the coastal Loe Bar Road. Where is this? Have a look at Contact Us for our location and village maps. But they are grouped together on or around the cliff top, overlooking the beach and Mounts Bay.

We have parking for each property in our own off road car park, which is only a minutes walk from all the accommodation

Steps to the to the beach are only 40 metres away, which is ideal for swimming or a stroll on the sands. And it is only a few minutes walk down to the pier and centre of the village and harbour side, which is surrounded by a variety of cafes, shops, bakery, restaurants and pubs.

Porthleven is also an excellent holiday base for seeing this part of Cornwall. To the west, Penzance and Lands End. The east, Falmouth and the Lizard Peninsula. Inland the attractive cathedral city of Truro.

If you want to leave the car behind, then for walking or cycling, its out of your front door and onto the coast path or Cornish lanes. Heading either east or west  with spectacular views all around. Look at our Walking and Cycling page.

Not sure which to do? Have a weather check to help decide.

What else is there to do here? If you don't fancy a stroll about the harbour and shops, shopping trip, a coastal ramble, scenic drive, swimming, sunbathing and playing on the beach, a fishing or boat trip, a kayak paddle or taking it too easy. Then look at our What's on Porthleven or What's on West guides for events happening in Porthleven and west Cornwall.

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Self Catering holiday accommodation to let all year round in Porthleven Cornwall. A holiday or short break in one of our cottages in the harbour village of Porthleven. Right on the Cornish coast and excellent for walking the south west coast path and breathtaking sea and coastal views. Also conveniently within driving distance of many of the attractions in Cornwall including Lands End, The Lizard and the Eden Project and the many gardens of Cornwall. Or how about visiting the attractive towns of Truro, Penzance and Falmouth. Look out for Porthleven weather and Porthleven tide times and surf on our Porthleven page